A Little History

Hi, I am Tiffany :) I am an eighteen year old girl who is deeply in love with Jesus. He started drawing me gently to him when I was four. When I hit my pre-teen years I started actually listening in church and I was drawn to surrender to Him. My life pretty much changed.  But there was a longing in my heart for a gallant prince....even though I was only what thirteen? I felt in my heart that there was one special guy out there made just for me. I believe the Lord laid it on my heart to wait. The desire though did not go away. Nearly two years ago I remember the night I opened up my heart for the greatest love story  of my life.  I was staying with my cousin at a campsite. She was playing basketball with this guy. I was feeling pretty left out and lonely. I remember telling God just to come fill my heart and to satisfy me. I have to say that after that my heart filled with love and I felt content. Sure the struggle has always been there. To want to lean on my fleshly wants and pout. But Jesus is faithful. My desire is to live a life with reckless abandon and love for Him. This is  my Sacred Purpose

For He satisfieth the longing soul,
and filleth the hungry soul
with goodness
~Psalm 107:9