Friday, June 4, 2010

He Says I Love You

Hey all you bloggers =) I need to get back into blogging. But I am so very busy these days doing housework and hanging with friends. I'm aleady missing them and I have only been graduated a week and a day! But I am so excited for what is ahead of me only 87 more days till I have to be at college =) God is leading me and it makes me happy. Omw I got my Simply Modest swimsuit in the mail this week! I cannot wait to go rock Holy in the water!!!!!! So yea summer here I come =)

So to my topic.... On FaceBook there is constant gushy goo love "I love you so much." Between the girlfriends and boyfriends) Anyways I was like you know wishing for that in a way. I was like God can't really send me a FaceBook message. But then I started thinking about how He will paint the sky in my favorite colors.... He says I love you. When He does just the little things like a verse or just a cool wind on a hot day He says I love you. When I feel like giving up He sweetly strengthens me... He says I love you. What a wonderful Prince! I am His Bride and He is my Husband =)

Blessings and Love,

~Tiffany's iPhone~

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Angie said...

He is amazing isnt He?! He gives us those little things so that way we could appreciate Him even more and more. Plus He knows our heart's desires and He will give it to us in His timing. Just keep on loving Him first and everything else will fall into place! :)