Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"I am giving away a free gift. All you have to do................................."

Caught your attention right? Maybe.. Maybe not. Really doesn't matter to me. I am building a foundation for what I am about to tell you!!! Turn your spirtual ears or I should say spirtual eyes

Last week for the very first time in my 19 1/2 years on earth I accepted God's free gift.  Yes, I have been in church and was serving God to the best of my knowledge and ability. I know a lot of Bible verses and I hardly ever missed church. But I was lacking tremendously. I was walking in the only way I knew how. But God opened my eyes. I was lacking in....

accepting His Grace.

See to some people (like me for instance) you feel like you have to earn God's Grace. "Oh I didn't do anything bad these past couple of days," or "I haven't listened to any bad music in a week," or "Haven't had to many bad thoughts today... I am doing good..." I was basing my salvation on my good works or what I thought was fruit. But really just my stinky fleshly man trying to do good so God wouldn't pour down His wrath on me.

Something clicked though for me this week. As certain points were brought out to me I saw the light. I began to read in Romans it became even clearer to me.


I don't know if you have ever noticed but in Romans 5 "Free gift" is mentioned 3 times. I have read this.chapter but never saw it the way I do now. A gift is a gift. You don't have to work to earn it. It is already given to you.. Freely. But the hardest part is accepting this unmerited favor.. This understanding and compassionate love... To a human who is a servant to sin.. To reach down and save us.

I went through a hard battle a few months ago. I thought grace meant I could just go do anything I want and be alright. But that was my flesh. This past week I realized real grace drives us to Jesus. We hunger and reach out for that love. "For God is Love"

I feel like I have been made whole :) Its like a cool breeze on a nice spring day. I hope I made sense. I have been up all night and I layed down to go to sleep and this started forming in my heart. And even as I wrote it God was opening up eyes to all sorts of things. This knowledge is so great. I wish everyone could see it and drink of it. Its the greatest thing..besides charity :)

Jesus has already paid the price.. "I am giving away a free gift all you have to do is ACCEPT"


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