Friday, December 4, 2009

Love: True Love

So wow..its really DECEMBER!!! Is it already time for Christmas? lol What a random way to start a blog post..oh well. So the other day I bought "I Kissed Dating Goodbye". Omw it is one of the most awesome books about purity and waiting and pursing that intimate oneness with Jesus. I wish I hadn't spent so much time pitying myself over being so single and mulling over it. But I can make a change. Well Jesus will make the change. I just have to surrender myself, my whole self. Not just a thought or minute or hour. But my whole heart, my whole mind, my whole soul, my whole being. In "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" Josh Harris talks about how we have this picture of romance in our heads, kissing and falling into each other's arms. And then God says look at this picture of love and its His son hanging on a cross. God has really been talking to my heart through these books and especially His Word. Jesus was true love. I told the Lord the other day that I was so thankful for His mercy on this stubborn thickheaded girl. Jesus is so WONDERFUL GOOD!! :) I know I haven't reached even close to the middle where I need to be. But Jesus shall guide me. He is patient and kind. Our picture of Love is so degrading and worthless compared to His love. We are so selfish and always wanting "What is in it for Me?" of " I gotta get all I can get!" But you know what instead of being selfish for this flesh and trying to find fullfillment everywhere. We should pursue Jesus!!! He won't reject us! He will return his love back. More love than we could ever imagine. We also have to keep in mind that Love is not just butterfly heady feeling but all what it says in 1 Corinthians 13!

Wow I've written a lot. It was just something flowing out of my heart I had to to get out! :)


Mardi said...

Hey Tiffany, thanks for following my blog! "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" is one of my favorite books! I also like "Boy Meets Girl," by Josh Harris!

God Bless,

Not I But Christ said...

I have read "I kissed Dating Goodbye" it is a great book. If you loved it you would love "Just Friends" even more! It was geared more toward those that have already "kissed dating goodbye" and how to wrap your mind about being satisfied with singleness=)

Tiffany said...

Ok I'll have to read it. I've never heard of it! Thanks for telling me about it! =)