Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Partying is Life?

We made it safely to my grandma's house. There is lots and lots of snow. Snow is very scarce were I live, but I guess if I had snow all the time it would be boring. My cousin Jay came over and we had a snowball fight and he built and snow fort. I watched..what else is a southern girl suppose to do when it comes to snow forts. Anyways he made fun of how I talked and tried to teach me to say "pile" Here is how I say it "pyul" He was like it's "pi" "le". It was a losing battle. At least I won one! :)

My cousin Jay is a Unitarian meaning they really don't believe in Jesus. It's really sad because I love my family up here so bad and I wish they would see the truth. Jay asked me tonight what I did for fun. I told him reading, going to the library, and going to church. He kidded around with me saying I didn't have a life. I get this a lot from people. I came to realize that I may not have a life but I have the LIFE in me! It says in Colossians "For ye are dead and your LIFE is hid with Christ in God"

Whenever me and my cousin were discussing "having a life" I said " well at least I am not partying." I know it is not in myself! I know it's only been through Jesus who has kept me! For I am a sinner saved by grace and by his precious blood. Later on tonight I was thinking about my friend Michael at school. He is the partying type and he has kidded me about having no life. I began to think there is no life in drinking and getting high and fulfilling all the lust you can. Where is life in that? There isn't! Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the LIFE!" So whenever somebody tells you that you don't have a life tell them that you have THE LIFE in you!!

"I don't need no dope, I don't need no smoke!
I don't need no whiskey, gin, or wine!
No cocaine or any other thing!
Jesus is my Naturual Royal High!!!"
(song we sing at church)

~Tiffany's iPhone~