Monday, July 5, 2010

Butterfly Prayers

Heya everybody! So I've been really lazy about blogging. I've had a lot of blogging ideas. But I have just been busy, busy, busy :):)

The other day though I was reading this blog. I believe the name of it is "Love Unawakened." Well there was this really neat idea. I know how us "waiting" girls can get caught up in thinking about our future earthly prince and pray about him constantly. That he will be kept and that God will bring you and him together soon. What the blog suggested was everytime you see a caterpillar or a butterfly let that be a prayer promt for you and your future husband. Just like the caterpillar goes into it's cocoon and comes out a butterfly, so will it be for us when God finally brings your earthly prince. Well I got to thinking well I don't see many butterflys or caterpillars. But I have discovered they are everywhere just about. They don't have to be real. But I just thought I would pass along that. Because it's really sweet and amazing reminder. :):)

Blessings and Love,
~Tiffany's iPhone~


godlyrose said...

I love it!

Love Unawakened said...

I just happened to read your blog and I love that you passed on the idea of the butterfly! Praying for you as you continue to follow God! :)