Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Sweet Momma

This is a picture of me and mom before she got really sick. We were walking that day when I took this picture. I loved our long walks and we would talk about the future. She is so beautiful. Her going away party was Sunday... It was wonderful... I had been crying at the beginning. Then my cousin Cathy got up and sang "Ain't No Grave Going to Hold My Body Down." Man I got up and started clapping my hands. A peace just washed over me. I knew where my momma was at. She was in the arms of Jesus... and that I will always have a guardian angel. After my pastor preached a beautiful farewell she opened up the floor to anyone who wanted to say anything. I knew it was the strength of God that helped me get up and take the mic. I talked about her for just a few minutes. Her faithfulness to God and how she loved everybody so much. Then I sang her song that she sang nearly every time she got up at church.

"Don't, don't, don't, don't let the devil ride.

Dont, don't, don't, don't let the devil ride.

If you let him ride, he'll wanna drive,

don't let the devil ride."

"Don't, don't, don't, don't let him talk to you.

Don't, don't, don't, don't let him talk to you.

You let him talk to you, he'll make you sad and blue,

don't let him talk to you."

It's a really upbeat song. People probaly thought I was on nerve medicine but I was on Jesus. God was my strength! Another thing people probaly thought me and my church was crazy. See we have been in a youth revival in a tent in the boonies (southern word :) People have been getting saved and filled with the HolyGhost. We didn't stop having church the day she went home with Jesus, nor her wake, neither the day of her going away party. We (even me) went onto church... and people came those nights and got deliverance. You could feel momma's Spirit there with us at the tent. I told some of our young people before we left for church...that was just my momma's body there, but her Spirit was at that tent meeting. I wanted to be where my momma was at. I know people thought I was off my rocker. It's something I can't explain. God has just had me hid in His arms.

I can't tell you how much my church family has meant to me during this time. It's amazing... You find out who your true family is. :):) I love them people to death...

Just pray for me right now and my little brother. He took it hard, he's not even ten, so theres things he doesn't understand. I mean I don't understand why it was God's will for my momma to go on to be with the Lord. But let me tell you something my momma did not quit having faith. The night before she went home, I told her something along the lines, We are going to make it through this, we are going to keep fighting, and I will never forget her words "Of course." Somebody said something on my FaceBook about how her faith ended in sight. I have no doubt she's done met all them Bible people. I can just see her talking to Esther.. "Me and my daughter loved that movie 'One Night With the King', is that how it really happened?" My uncle asked her just last week "Who's your favorite person in the Bible?" and she said "Jesus." Last Wedensday we had nearly lost her and all our family had gathered at the house. My uncle I think went and hugged her and said something about her dying..and she said something along the lines "Ya'll have all came to see me die, I'm not dying." She fought on longer than the hospice nurse thought. Let me tell you something I don't care for them kind of people, well their profession, put it that way... Man, but I love me some Jesus FAITH people :) Wow so I have wrote a lot. Just wanted to say how wonderful my momma is.. To me she isn't dead, but alive in Heaven and in my heart. The Lord brought a scripture to my heart, where the angels were at the tomb, and they said "Why do you search for the living among the dead?" I think that is how it went.....

Welp, this is just a little tribute to my momma :) Who's dancing on the diamonds flung across the sky :)

Blessings and Love,



godlyrose said...

Oh, Tiffany, this was absolutely beautiful! I love the pictures you posted. You do resemble your Momma very much. I have been praying for you daily and I will continue to do so. I'll send you an email with me phone number if you want to talk anytime. God has definitely been giving you strength. I will be praying for your little brother, too. I love you.

sherry said...

Just awesome i'm really happy for fixing your eyes upon our amazing and awesome ,living and loving heavenly father

Love Unawakened said...

You have an amazing outlook! Know that we are praying for yoU! :)