Friday, August 27, 2010

My Life Now :)

Wow, a LOT had changed since I last posted something. As you all have read my sweet Momma went to be with Jesus. Some days are better than others.. I miss her terribly and I miss what she's not gonna get to do with me. BUT God has a purpose and plan for all of it. God has been such OMW so so wonderful to me. I am truly way beyond blessed :)

So.. for my big news.. I am not going to Mount Zion. I prayed and agonized over that decision for nearly two weeks. I finally felt led to talk to my Aunt Shirley, who had been like a mother to my mom. I talked to her about how I was so torn. I wanted to stay here but I guess I felt obligated to go to MZ. A peace flooded my heart as I talked about staying. It was God's will for me to stay. So now I am living with my Co-Pastor and his wife. I am going to be helping them in the ministry. I have slowly come to realize why God wants me to stay. There is so much I could and will do right here. Anyways I was just catching up to everyone! Peace out :)

Blessings and Love,


Hope said...

Thanks for sharing, Tiff! God will always lead us and give us peace as we follow Him.

godlyrose said...

Thanks for posting an update. I've been praying for you and it was nice to hear about the changes in your path right now. May God continue to bless you. How is your little brother doing? Looking forward to your next update!