Sunday, January 24, 2010

Highly Favored

I have problems with self esteem and trying to fit in..and not at school but when I am around church people. I feel left out most of the time. Maybe it's because I am the only young person that's not married and\or has kids. Anyways last night I went to hear a preacher at a different church. I knew alot of the people there, and I guess it was just my flesh and it's jealousies over how other people were being treated. I began to think about how I don't fit in and I guess just having a pity party. Well somebody said the words highly favored. And Jesus began to work on my heart with these two words. Did it really matter if people favored me and what they thought of me and wanted me in their circle. What about being highly favored by God? Him wanting me to come in his presence. I am not saying this in a high and mighty way. It was something the Lord was showing me. To draw closer to Him. Oh and another thing last night. There was this guy there and I
usually think about how "Hmm who is he single?" Old habits die hard and my mind began to wonder. Then I remembered how whenever I left a church service with this mindset, I was always disappointed and sometimes I would cry. So I turned my thoughts to Jesus and asked him to set my eyes on Him. He gave me these words:

I will not leave you disappointed;
Your my Love, your my Bride, my Chosen

Guess what? I didn't leave disappointed...Jesus filled my heart =D

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godlyrose said...

I have been there. I was 28 when I was married and most of the people in my Sunday school class were younger than me, married, and had children. But God's plans for me were different. I'm so glad that I learned to trust him.