Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some thoughts

So tomorrow we go to school! At ten!! Yaya!! I get to miss Adv. Algebra!! The snow here is nearly all gone! So thankful for that! I want green and the hot sun..but I know that won't be for awhile! Not until the unmerciful Mississipi summer comes! My favorite season beside spring and fall. Winter is not on my list of favorite things. Reminds me of the song on Sound of Music. The song escapes me for the moment but I know it says "my favorite things and then I don't feel so sad" Oh well :)

The Lord gave me this great idea the other night after I wrote Jency ( the child we sponsor through Compassion) I had some pretty paper and I had a heart cutter and photo paper. I decided I would make her some pretty bookmarks. Well then I made me a matching one to remind me to pray for her. Then I began to think about making them and selling them and then give the money to either Compassion or The Voice of the Martyrs Family fund or something like that. I am praying for God to show me which one. I feel a tug towards the one that helps woman and young girls from abusive pasts to get back on track. I forgot what it was called..ugh!! I'll have to look It up tomorrow. My room is unavaliable at the moment. My oldest brother is staying the night since he sold his house so he slept in my bed tonight. He might be buying our house then we would buy my grandma's house down the road. Anyways I kinda got off topic. But the Lord laid a name in my heart for the
bookmarks "Jency's Hearts" I will just have to see how the Lord leads me! He has been so gentle and so sweet this weekend! How He Loves =D

~Tiffany's iPhone~