Friday, January 15, 2010


Today I traveled with my senior class to the Community College close by. We are getting are tution paid by the supervisors of our county. It's something to that effect. So basically we traveled about 35 miles to hear a 15 minute speech about something we had already heard about. But we did get out of class and we did get to eat the college's food which was 50 times better than ours. It was fun I got to hang out with my best friends and had a lot of good laughs.
(up above-Me and Kristy)
Tonight I am going to go stay with my Bestest Friend Kristy and her husband Jerred. We haven't hung out in awhile so it'll be FUN!! We always have a crazy time!!! It's funny how me and Kristy are so far apart in age (7 years) but we are so much alike. Sometimes we will say the same thing at the same time without anything planned. We call it our brain wave. One night when our young people were out at McDonald's me and Kristy had this brillant idea to get rings with "Brain" and "Wave" on it. Somebody made a remark we should put "No" and "Brain" We are use to their teasing though!! But it's like God has connected us in such a special sister way. We know that one day we are going to do a work for God together. Jerred, her husband, is the most countriest guy you will find and He loves her so much! They knew each other for years and years and graduated high school together but they were just friends. Then in 2008 they met up again and fell in love!! It's so sweet! Last year in September they got married. I was the maid of honour and did a horrible job of it. First, I had Jerred's ring on my thumb and when I went to fix Kristy's veil and it slipped off by the pastor's feet. Then when I reached down to pick it up my shawl was pinned to my dress and one side popped off. So here I was with my bouquet, Kristy's bouquet, Jerred's ring, and trying to keep one side of my shawl from falling. But I survived and nobody noticed!! But it was sad I thought I was losing my best friend forever. But I didn't we are actually closer now and we hang more than what we use to! Anyways I am kinda rambling! Oh another thing is that people have mistaken us for each other multiple times and we aren't even related. Her own father and grandfather mistook me for her!! It's so weird!

But Jesus is my bestest, bestest, bestest friend! He always will be! The other night it was cool. I was thinking about God and this girl had said He was lovely. I began to think of Him and the way he paints the sunset. I actually smiled!!! You know how when you think of that guy when you like him. But the joy wasn't temporary and that smile I really meant it. It's just amazing how God will become our Love if we just open our heart to Him!