Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do You Trust Me?

The couple of past weeks the Lord keeps asking me "Do You Trust Me?" For example on Facebook I'll just be looking at friends and seeing who they are in a relationship with and everything seems to be fantastic and they are in love. Then I look on my life and I begin to be jealous and discontement rises. I have caught myself about to look at someone's profile just to see if they are still dating and the Lord gently asks me "Do You Trust Me?"

We are all human and we long for Love and Satisfaction. I remember reading in Passion & Purity about the way "bread" could not satisfy the heart like "manna" Bread is the dating/earthly love/earlthy pleasures and Manna is that heavenly bread Jesus. (My Definitions) I wish I could remember how Elisabeth Elliot explained it.

I am not saying that it was wrong for me to be checking to see how happy and content people were. But that I was losing focus on what God wanted for me. I would be asking myself "When am I going to fall in love? Where is the One God has for me?" My heart would start to feel impatient and lonely. But God is getting my heart and affections back where they need to be "For He satisfieth the longing heart, and filled the hungry soul with goodness"

Yesterday, I was sitting in my P.E. class thinking about the future and feeling out of control. The Lord brought Jeremiah 17:5-8 to my thoughts. It talks about how the man who doesn't trust the Lord he is like in a desert and the man who trusts in the Lord is like a tree planted in the waters. It really got me to thinking and it encouraged me greatly.

I hope this post makes sense... My thoughts kinda look jumbled together..Oh well :) God Bless Ya'll


godlyrose said...

Oh, sweetheart, your thoughts look like what a lot of our thoughts looked like at one time or another. I know that personally, I have had that same conversation with God. My sister will be getting married on her 30th birthday to a wonderful man who had to wait even longer than she did! Believe me, it will happen for you and you will have a wonderful story to share. I can't wait to hear all about it when God brings Mr. Right into your life. He may not be ready yet.

Tiffany said...

Thank You Suzette! The Lord always uses you to encourage me! :)

~* Souled Out *~ said...

This is completely understandable. but you know what? It gives us more reason to cling to a Love that satisfies way more than the one to come. Thanks for that verse in Jeremiah. It was quite helpful! :) What is your name on Facebook?