Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Next Generation

This past week there has been a stirring and conviction in my heart. I was thinking "I am part of the next generation to bring and have the truth." It's starting to really sink in. Yesterday in the class that I am teacher's assistant for there was a substitute. It also the free period. This girl came into the class to talk to the sub and the girl was talking about her "change" of lifestyle. What they said disgusted me. The sub (a grown lady) tells the girl "You gotta do what makes you happy." They went on to say that they knew it wasn't right and nobody is perfect. When was sin ok if it made you happy? (I believe Jesus can you make perfect if you submit yourself to him and let him change you) The girl was saying "Its neither right nor wrong". I was thinking "If it is neither right nor wrong..than what is it" I was just amazed at this adult telling her "Whatever makes you happy." My heart was just in a mix of thoughts. How black has became white, and
white has become black. I know thst God is judge." There is only one lawgiver who is able to save and destroy who are thou that judgest another." I need humbleness and love, not mine but Jesus Christ, the Saviour of Men.

"Lord let us be a generation that seeks, that seeks your face, Oh God of Jacob" ~We Bow Our Hearts~

~Tiffany's iPhone~


Leti said...

Dear Tiffany, ask the LORD to give you His heart; His eyes, this way you will be grieved to the point of interceding for a lost people. Where would we be without the LORD? None of us (Romans 6) desire to seek the LORD or to do good, it is Christ in us, the hope of glory, that give us this newness of life. So, allow this ache in your heart to bring you to your knees and to stand in the gap for a lost generation.

Ms. Leti

godlyrose said...

It is always hard to hear what others say when we know what God's Word says about a subject. The thing that really gets me is the lack of hope that their answers have. "Whatever makes you happy" doesn't have the sound of freedom that it is supposed to have. All we can do is pray for them, that God opens their eyes and hearts so that they can see the truth so that they can experience true happiness. The further away our nation strays from the truth of God's Word the more the next generation needs prayer from us for their souls. I am so thankful that God has put this burden on you for your classmates. What a profound thought you had about the next generation.