Sunday, March 14, 2010

Salvation Expected Deliverer

The other night my dad got up to sing at church. He started talking about what the name of Jesus meant. In Hebrew Jesus' name is Yeshua. Which means Salvation. In Matthew 1:21 it says "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall SAVE his people from their sins."

Yesterday I got to thinking I don't even know what Christ means. So I looked it up in the dictionary. It means "any expected deliverer." Wow.. That says a lot just right there. Salvation Expected Deliverer. He came to save us from our sin! Hallelujah!! I know this may sound so elementary and that I should have known what Christ meant. But when you see what's behind his name it's like Wow! When you began to think and study about how Jesus gave his all... His very Life for us... It is simply humblingly and so... Unexplainable. How he would come down from Heaven and become a he stood up for the truth and how he died. The other day I was sitting in my P.E. Class and I was thinking about his death. How he layed his life down...and he told them "no man taketh it from me" How powerful and deep these words are... What a wonderful and beautiful Saviour... Our Salvation Expected Deliverer...

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LocaChica said...

Until I read this post, I never knew the "REAL" dictionary-meaning of "Christ". Now I do!
Our God IS an awesome God!!!

godlyrose said...

Beautiful post!