Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The King

"Little girls dream of marrying royalty, that one day their prince charming will come and sweep them off their feet.. I had this dream and it became a reality, but it's not what you think..."

You know as little girls we all have the dream of being swept away by that handsome Prince into the beautiful setting sun. Or that total cutie Ken Barbie doll in his 4 wheel drive Jeep. Take your pick :D Laugh Out Loud :D

My point is that we do have a King that is just dying (Which he actually did die for you) to make your fairytale dream come true.. No not with an earthly man... But Him :D It says in Psalm 45:11 "So shall the King greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou Him." Wow he desires me, he desires you....

I think about how relationships between a guy and a girl or I'll see a Facebook status about their "love" about how they can't stop thinking about them... Well I've came to know a King who's thoughts about me are more than the sand (Psalm 139:18) I've came to know a King who knows my downsittig and my uprising. (Psalm 139:2) I've came to know a King who is my shield and my buckler from the them that try to harm me. (Psalm 18:30-35) I've came to know a King who gave His very life because He had so much love for me.

Why would I not want to travel into the sunset on that straight and narrow road... Into my Loving King's arms..

Blessings and Love,

~Tiffany's iPhone~


godlyrose said...

Well put.

Angie said...

Hi Tiffany! This is Angie you know the girl from Mt. Zion. I heard that you and my mom write back and forth to each other and I am finally getting the chance to write to you and say that I have enjoyed reading your blog it ministers my heart to see another young woman that is set apart for Him and for His glory. I also wanted to ask u if by any chance you have a regular email or facebook and maybe we will get to know each other more before Mt. Zion...what do u think?