Friday, April 16, 2010


Today is Friday!! Wooohoo!! Oh and by the way I have decided that Woohoo is the new word of the century for excitement. I have picked it up from my Economics teacher.. And I was walking out of a classroom today and I heard a teacher say "Woohoo" So now that we have that order of business out of the way...

Mercy.. Yep we have been given it and we have heard it, and we have read about it countless times in the Bible. The other day I was listening to a certain worship song and the Lord shed a whole different stage light on it in my understanding. The song verse went something like this "Your Mercy calls me to be like You." Wow... I have always seen mercy as getting all my sins forgiven and my mistakes forgiven by God. But why does He give us mercy.. Not just to save us from that burning firey death... But to become Like Him!!!!! Whenever I make a mistake God shows His Mercy by showing that I did wrong... Not just to get my sin forgiven and go back out and do it again. But to show me I have done wrong and that He is wants to make me like Him. Like those verses that say "Whom the father loveth, He correcteth."

Mercy calls me to be like You, Thank You Jesus....

Blessings and Love,

~Tiffany's iPhone~

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Hope said...

Lovely post, Tiff! :)