Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saving My First Kiss

Heya :) So I am on my way home from
vacation. I had a blast! Made so many memories and even got to meet Elvis!! (an impersonator of course) LOL You would have thought he was the real thing.. Because we went a second time to see him :) LOL But overall it was a blast to go shopping and just having a crazy, good time :)

Speaking of shopping I went into a book store that had really really cheap books. I got "Authentic Beauty" by Leslie Ludy for $5.99 and "Saving My First Kiss" for only $2! I just finished "Saving My First Kiss" Let me tell you I was estatic to find a book titled that! An interesting concept the author talked about ( Lisa Velthouse who at the time the book was a 20yr old who had never been kissed) was think of your life like a huge painting. Up there in a corner is a white space and you keep pointing to the Artist "Hey look at that white space, please paint it" (my words) When all along He is already painting something beautiful in your life... You got to step and look back at the whole picture instead of sticking your nose right on that white space. Another thing I liked about this book is she talks about the big question "How far can I go" She introduces a new question "How much can I save" Wouldn't it be great to one day give your husband/wife your
first kiss or like one of my best friends your first hug. Like I told some people the other night there is nothing wrong with being pure.. God actually celebrates purity.. Not just physical purity but a heart that is pure toward Him. It's actually great if you save your kisses and hugs. Think of it this was would rather have a heart full of past regrets or a heart full of rewards with waiting. Waiting is hard I know but all good things came to them that wait :) So the question is how much can you save?

Blessings and Love,

~Tiffany's iPhone~

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godlyrose said...

It sounds like you had a great time and picked up some trasures along the way! I, for one, think saving your first kiss for the wedding day is a wonderful thing! I can't wait until the day when you start sharing with us about the prince that God will bring into your life! Hugs!