Monday, October 25, 2010


Hey everybody, it has been a long time since I last posted. I have gotten so busy just working and being lazy! Today I actually thought about starting my online classes, but I don't know! LOL Anyways the Lord has laid it on my heart to change my blog name. I am at a new stage in my life having to make new desicions and well just living life. The other night I was brainstorming some new names when the name "Sacred Purpose" flowed from my brain. I knew it was what the Lord wanted me to rename my blog. It seems when I try to give a try at dating or try to give a guy a chance I end up sticking stronger to my "no dating, just waiting" policy. I have decided I am going to stick to my purpose in my heart. I am going to continue my romance with Jesus, and not worry about getting a boyfriend or husband. I actually had someone tell me I needed to lower my standards about saving my first kiss. Now, I wish I would have said... "Excuse me, they are my lips, and if I decided to do this it's my business." I would rather be single and be content. Than be married just to be married. God satifies every longing soul. I can surley survive ;) I will stick by my standards and if God sees fit He will bring a long a Warrior Poet who will respect that and love that in me :)

Anyways so now that I have got that off my chest... I hope you will enjoy my blog change that will be coming up :)

My Purpose- "that with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord" ~Acts 11:23


godlyrose said...

That's right! They are your lips and no one else has the right to give them away! When I told a pastor's wife that Brian and I were waiting for our wedding day for our first kiss, she asked me, "Isn't that going to be hard on him?" Some people just don't get it. Do not lower your standards. God has someone that He has created just for you. Sometimes the waiting seems long, but when it happens, the wait won't seem quite as long as you thought it was. So good to hear from you!

hope said...

LOVE the new title, Tiffany! It definitely fits you, your relationship with God, and your life. :)