Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Treasure Just in Reach

I know it is hard for all of us at times on this path God has chosen.. At times you feel like that you could give up. The world seems to offer you better things.. But you know deep within your heart those things are only temporary. Last week my Co-Pastor read something to me that "stuck in my crawl" so to speak. I will tell it to the best of my memory. (True story) This man was in his early thirties and I can't remember exactly how he ended up in the hospital. But he died.. He saw himself on the table as he went up. He found himself surrounded by all these rooms. An angel came to him and started showing him the rooms. They were filled with diamonds and all sorts of precious jewels. The man asked the angel what all these were for. The angel told him that it was the treasure to be given to God's servants.. but they gave up right before they were to recieve it.

I have to say that it really struck a chord in my heart. Yes, waiting on what step to take in life next is hard. Yes, waiting for God to give me a husband is hard. Yes, living without my precious mother is hard. But I have to remember God has a plan in all this. I will recieve the promises He has promised. I can not give up so easily.. God's treasure is just in reach. I will trust Him. Because even though on my toughest of days.. I am a jewel in His crown. I will trust Him because He is worthy... He hasn't forgotten you dear Lady of God. He loves you and understands when nobody does. He knows the depth of your heart and the thoughts that you think. And yet He still chases you with reckless Love. Oh me, wow.. when I think about it.. It makes my heart want to burst with all sorts of emotions! Oh how He loves us...

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godlyrose said...

This is so true, Tifaany! May you have a blassed Christmas. Much love!