Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite Memory of 2010

Hi everyone! I can not believe 2010 is nearly over. Where do I begin about this exciting and terrifying year. Lets see... Beginning of the year I was seeking God about Bible college and my momma quit chemo. I got accepted into Bible college in the Spring. Graduated in May :) Had a summer of tough lessons and had to let go of a very special person of my life. Moved in with my Co-Pastor and his family. Started working full time at the local tire shop. Totaled my car (Yea, I didn't blog about it but lets just say I flipped into a ditch and landed upside down, walked away with soreness, a broke nail, and a few bruises on my leg.. God's amazing faithfulness) But my favorite memory of the whole year... Let's see I have a lot. But the one I am going to share is bittersweet.

About two weeks before my Momma passed she had my daddy buy her a wedding dress from a local boutique. See she wanted to re-marry him on their 25th wedding anniversary (this year was their 21st) The dress was way too small for her but she put it on anyways. Later she had me put on the dress (I could not fit it either) but she told me "You are going to make a beautiful Bride."

Memories do not have to be necessarily full of happiness to be treasured so close to the heart. I have many memories of this year that I fill my heart with sadness and a tinge of joy around the edges. Through all of this year I have learned many important lessons of growing up and taking responsibility. I have been at times "floating on top of the clouds" and at other times "buried in grief. "

I could not have made it if it was not for Jesus. My steady Rock that has held me firmly. Through all my wrongs and dissapointments. To the joyful, amazing moments. I do not want to miss out on the rest of my journey.

I do not know what 2011 will bring. I can firmly say that Jesus does :)

Happy New Year,


Hope said...

Thanks for sharing. I envy your faith, chick.

Happy New Year!! Love you!

godlyrose said...

What a beautiful memory to hold on to! And what hope that memory holds, too!