Friday, October 9, 2009

Follow Your Heart

Wow..its already been 9 weeks into the school year! Thank the Lord it is my last year! Seniors Rock! Well now its that dreadful business...WHAT TO DO AFTER HIGH SCHOOL!! I know the Lord is leading me toward mission work and I want to do whatever he wants me to do. I have considered some Bible Colleges, but after looking over them and seeking the Lord about it. I knew they were some definite nos. But then my parents and I started talking about this college called Mt. Zion School of Ministry. Its part of Bro. David Wilkerson's work. I have been praying about this place so much for the past month. It's a wonderful college. You are there to get deeper in God and to have a more intimate walk with Him. And whats so great is that they are in the Truth. Their standards and beliefs are so much like mine. My Momma was telling me last night "Follow your Heart." I've been thinking about it.."following my heart." I want my heart to be fully focused on Jesus. And that verse keeps coming to mind Trust in the Lord with ALL THINE HEART and lean not unto thine own understanding, In ALL THY WAYS acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. So I was also thinking "Well its not always good to follow the heart, cause sometimes it wants stuff thats not pleasing to God or gets caught up in its own fleshly desires." But what was so amazing is that first part of that verse..Trust in the Lord with all thine heart! I have to remind myself at times that God has got this He is control. I am his child and he will lead and guide me into all truth!


GodisSoGood said...

Isnt God wonderful?! I know what you mean about the peace of God! I got home sunday night and I had a lot to think about but I still had peace cuz I knew my Abba-Father was in control! So i prayed and poured out my heart to God... wow... it was like when in Psalm 27:5, He hides you in His pavilion! Our pastor kinda put it this way... He DIDNOT like to drive in storms when he was a little kid but when he knew that his dad was driving the car, everything was OK even though it may be storming like crazy! It's kinda like that with God... There is a certain security that we have as children of God and knowing that no matter what happens, our God is in control!! Isnt He wonderful!! I would recommend reading Psalm 27!

Tiffany said...

wow that's awesome! I love Psalm 27!