Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Victory Song

Hello Peoples!
Omw fall is coming fast! It is freezing outside and today I didn't bring a jacket. Anyways I wanted to share a song the Lord laid on my heart this morning. I was on my way to school and I was listening to the news on the radio. A story came on about a supreme court case. It was about a 7ft cross in some California desert that some WW1 veterans had put up. Well this man had been offended by it and was taking it to court. The cross had been boarded up. Well I felt like God was pulling me to turn the radio off and sing. So this song came about. It is a cry for the True Soldiers of Christ!

Our Victory Song
You may board up our wooden crosses
You may throw us all in prison
You may burn our Bibles
You may close down our churches

But we are graven on His hands
We shall do whatever He commands
We have been bought with a price
and There is no way we can deny
our Jesus

You may take away our houses
You may take away our clothes
You may take away our cars
But we still have riches untold

Cause we have been covered by his blood
the precious atoning blood
We have been filled with life anew
there is no way we'll submit to you

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
the One who has freed us
All the praise and honour to You
The One who is Faithful and True!

(Go to the K-Love News Page to read about the 7ft cross)

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