Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Musings

I had an awesome lunch today! Cheesy Chicken Over Rice!!! lol It was good for school food.
Well there is this guy that I am a friends with..We have never met but we have texted and talked on the phone. Well it wasn't to long ago he started dating this girl. I was like Omw when I found out because just like 2 weeks before we had sent pictures to each other. And I thought Hmm..maybe something is going to happen. Yea I look on his My Apostolic Network..and bam he is in a relationship! So yea He calls me out of the blue...and then the last time I talked to him, About all he talked about was how great his girlfriend was and how that he thought she was the One. So last night he calls me...I missed it because my phone was on silent and I was reading a book. And so when I saw it I called him back I only let it ring about 4 times and I hung up and turned my phone off! I am so sick and tired of being treated like that by guys I might actually like...I don't know what he is problem is...but if He needs someone to talk to too He needs to call his Gf or one of his really good friends! Right?

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